The New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble

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Help support the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble, Inc., 501c3 by making a donation via PayPal:

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Become a Sponsor

Sponsor the Ensemble for the Season: $25,000

Name attached to everything the Ensemble does throughout the year, all promotion, all materials to Ensemble members, website logo, full page ad in all programs, announcements during all concerts, logo attached to stage for all concerts, 25 tickets to each show, reserved ahead of time (shows sell out).

Concert Sponsorships

Full Concert Sponsorship: $5,000

Full page ad in program, website advertisement, 15 tickets to your sponsored concert, reserved ahead of time (shows sell out). The organization the concert is benefitting would get full sales benefit of the concert. They would also promote you on their website. Announcement at show.  


Sponsor a Song: $1,000

Half page ad in program, announcement of sponsor during your sponsored song and listing next to your song in the program, website advertisement, 10 tickets to any show of your choice, reserved ahead of time (shows sell out).

Scholarship, Ticket Sponsor

Scholarship for a Musician: $180 - $250

Pays for a child or adult to attend rehearsals and reap all of the benefits of being an Ensemble member for one year. You receive a listing in the program and a personal thank you from stage. Allowing someone a terrific educational and community experience.


Sponsor Someone to Attend: $15 - 150

Listing in program, bringing someone a joyful experience.